Fast Phone/Tablet Charging Stations.

Unique platform for business advertising at very competitive rates.

Hosting a Phone Charging Station:

Provide your customers with a 'value added service' by hosting a Phone Charging Station

Advertising on Phone Charging Stations:

Advertise your business on the LED screens at multiple locations.... you choose which location you want your business to be displayed....discounts offered for bulk advertising... see below for Phone Charging Station locations and who are advertising...



Phone Charging Station Locations

Situations Vacant


Locker Models  

Open Models

    Advertising Board space 520mm w x 250mmm h.
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Ideal for:

Event venues / Trade shows / Hospitality venues / Fast food outlets / Sporting events / Social venues / Offices / Factories / Clubrooms / Corporate events / Conferences / Casinos / Hotel lobbies / Hospital and medical waiting rooms / Universities / Schools / Gymnasiums / WOF testing stations /  Anywhere you need to wait.....


Locker Model - Shared revenue.

  • 680mm wide x 740mm high x 220mm deep. 5 x charging lockers with key access.
  • Can be mounted on the wall or bench or pedestal.
  • Standard colours are black or white. Can be vinyl wrapped to any colour
  • Multiple cables in each locker (95% of devices). Each locker is 5volts/2.4Amps max.
  • Advertising on LED screen.


Open Model - Shared revenue.

  • 530mm wide x 660mm high x 150mm deep.
  • Can be mounted on the wall or bench or pedestal. 
  • Standard colours are black or white.
  • 6-8 cables (95% of devices). Each cable is 5 volts / 2.4 Amps max.
  • Advertising on LED screen.


Ideal for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and other Hospitality premises; great for Conferences, Shows, Trade Shows and other Corporate Events; beneficial for waiting rooms in Hospitals, Doctor Surgeries, Clinics and other Medical Facilities.

  • Improves customer experience and satisfaction; promotes customer retention and spending whilst recharging.
  • Convenience for the customer having an “easy to use” charging facility.
  • Increases foot traffic and repeat customers to your premises, creating customer loyalty.
  • Enables customers and visitors to maintain contact with family and friends.
  • Is a solution to a common problem and modernises your premises.
  • Valuable added service which gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Less distraction for staff needing to charge customers phones, which increases staff productivity.
  • Reduces liability from staff/premises for damage or lost phones being charged ‘behind the bar.”
  • Elite Charging stations can be fully automated so staff do not need to do anything.
  • Australian studies show:
    • 84% of customers purchase while recharging.
    • 48% average increase in customer satisfaction.
    • 88% of customers prefer venues that offer charging


Contact Martin on 021 041 7868

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  • Aotearoa Surf School
  • Armstrong Security
  • Barnacle Busters
  • Bridgestone Tyre Centre
  • Business Drivers
  • Buzz Me
  • CC Pest Control
  • Coastal Fitness
  • Cramond Electrical
  • Design Options
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Fitness Hub
  • Fusion Travel
  • Heads Up
  • Heads 106.4 FM
  • Huka Falls Jet
  • Kaituna Cascades Rafting
  • Kayak Waiheke
  • Kiwi Clean Laundrette
  • Kiwiden Autos
  • Leigh Bar
  • Lumsden Freehouse
  • Mangawhai Grown
  • Mangawhai Landscapes
  • Mangawhai Laundromat
  • Mangawhai Meat Shop
  • Mangawhai Tavern
  • Mangawhai Tyres
  • Mangawhai Vitality Centre
  • Matakana Marine
  • Muriwai Surf School
  • Nina Photography
  • Printing Plus
  • Quinovic
  • RNR Charters
  • Salon 344
  • Signmasters
  • Tau Lin Takeaways
  • Salty Dog Inn
  • Stray Travel
  • The Village Wines
  • The Waterboy
  • Total Span
  • Uptown Freehouse
  • Waiheke Diving
  • Waiheke Equestian
  • Warkworth Costume and Fancy Dress Hire
  • Warkworth Taxi and Bus Services
  • Whaly Boats
  • Woodstreet Freehouse
  • VTNZ

Phone Charging Station Locations... and growing...


  • Woodstreet Freehouse
  • Stingray Matts Takeaways
  • Tau Lin Takaways
  • Mangawhai Tavern
  • Mangawhai Laundromat (screen only)


  • Salty Dog Inn ( Snells Beach )
  • Kiwi Clean Laundrette ( Warkworth )
  • Leigh Bar ( Leigh )
  • Domino's Pizza ( Grange-Warkworth )
  • VTNZ ( Warkworth )


  • Lumsden Freehouse ( New Market )
  • Doolan Brothers Bar ( New Market )
  • Save Ferris ( Eden Terrace )
  • Charlie Baxters Bar ( Ellerslie )
  • Charlie Baxters ( K Rd )
  • Northern Line Bar ( City )


  • Magic Tasty Chinese Takeaways


  • Kipper Takeaways ( Orewa )


  • Choices



Your role will be selling advertising space to businesses, to be displayed on the digital screens. This is a unique advertising tool. This is suited to an experienced person in Sales or Customer Services who is happy working autonomously within their own territory, a team player and a self starter who is driven to maximise their sales earnings. You will have your own territory within the Auckland area. Other areas/extra territories are available.

Income is commission only with bonuses, uncapped earning potential. Create and build your own business within your territory(s) and further increase earnings. Manage your own time to enjoy work/life balance. 

Our company has a team based culture. You will be included in team based decisions and liaising with other Sales Reps to enhance personnel success. Our focus is to provide a supportive environment which gives you the ability to grow with the business. We have graphic design and computer personnel to assist your customers with creating their advertising pictures.

Contact Martin on 021 041 7868

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"Since advertising on the screens, there has been a lot more activity on my website and Face Book pages..." ~ Nina ( Nina Photography - Mangawhai )

"Customers think it's great and we have seen them taking note of the advertising" ~ Evan ( Woodstreet Freehouse - Mangawhai )

"People are staying longer in our bar just so they can charge their phones more... and we like that.... " ~ Richard ( Leigh Bar )

"Customers use the Charging Station a lot and the advertising screen certainly gets their attention" ~ Dave ( Woodstreet Freehouse - Mangawhai )

"I have had enquiries for my sevices from people who have seen my advertising on the Charging Station screens..." ~ Linda ( Quinovic - Warkworth & Mangawhai )

"Awesome product – customers love it!" ~ Evan King ( Lumsden Freehouse - New Market )

"People are using it all the time..." ~ Grafton Accommodation ( Backpacker Lodge - Auckland )

"Customers think it's great and use it all the time. Some said we should have got one ages ago... can't miss seeing the advertising screen..." ~ ( Doolan Bros - New Market )

"Very innovative. Customers have high engagement with the Charging Station and advertising screen" ~ ( Uptown Freehouse - New Market )

"Customers are very happy to charge their phones and watch the screen when waiting for their order" ~ ( Tau Lin Takeaways - Mangawhai )

"We love it! It’s a great convenience for our guests... People use the Charging Station all the time... We see them using their phones for taking pictures of the advertising...  I have had enquiries from business owners wanting to advertise on the screens..." ~ Poni  ( Mangawhai Tavern )

"People use it a lot, especially during weekends and always look at the screen...... people keep coming back to our shop because they know we have a Charging Station.... sometimes people come in and buy food, just so they can charge their phone... good for us" ~ MaryStingray Matts Takeaways - Mangawhai )

"People are constantly using it and looking at the screen to see the activties advertised... we love it... such a great idea..." ~ Valeria ( Choice Backpackers - Auckland )

" The Charging Station is used a lot and people watch the screen while they wait.." ~ ( Magic Tasty Takeaways - Waipu )